Range of consumables including needles & syringes, VETS OWN Cotton Wool & Gauze swabs, sterilization bags, bandages and gloves.

Aseptor Bags & Autoclave Tape


  • Aseptor Bag size 3 114x36x190mm 50's
  • Aseptor Bag size 4 130x48x260mm 50's
  • Aseptor Bag size 7 178x74x380mm 50's
  • Aseptor Bag size 11 292x127x444 50's
  • Aseptor Bag size 13 257x108x381mm
  • Autoclave Tape 12mm
  • Autoclave Tape 24mm

Vetlite Bandage & X-Lite Foam


  • Vetlite bandage 5cm x 1.8m
  • Vetlite bandage 7.5cm x 1.8m
  • Vetlite bandage 10cm x 1.8m
  • Vetlite bandage 15cm x 1.8m
  • X-lite foam 12.5cm x 2.75m



  • Krutex Green 100's soft
  • Krutex Orange 100's super sensitive
  • Krutex Yellow 100's super touch
  • Latex Powdered gloves 100’s
  • LEVTEX Gloves Powdered small, medium, Large 100’s
  • LEVTEX Gloves Powder-free small, medium, large 100’s

Wound Dressings


  • Crepe bandages: 50mm; 75mm; 100mm; 150mm
  • Petflex bandages: 50mm; 75mm; 100mm
  • Petflex no chew: 50mm; 75mm; 100mm
  • Vetflex bandages: 50mm; 75mm; 100mm

Vets Own Cotton Wool & Gauze Swabs

Cotton Wool and Gauze Swabs

  • Cotton wool interleaved, 500g
  • Gauze swabs, non sterile, compressed

Strap Band (Genia) - Cohesive Elastic Bandages


  • Red, green or blue - 5cm x 4.5cm
  • Red, green or blue - 7.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Red, green, blue or black - 10cm x 4.5cm

Strap Band - Bitter (Genia)


  • Purple - 5cm x 4.5cm
  • Purple - 7.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Purple - 10cm x 4.5cm

Vets Own EAB Premium


  • Adhesive stretch fabric plaster 25mm x3m